Trusted websites deliver higher quality click through

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The media environment has a massive effect on the quality of advertising’s impact, retention and response.

An uplift in click through dwell time averaging out at 50% is delivered when display and video campaign targeting is custom optimised to deliver trusted publisher’s websites.

A recent test across a number of our client campaigns, b2c and b2b, showed a universal improvement in visitor dwell time at landing page and drill down from online advertising click through when delivered through premium publishers sites.

Display advertising targeting by interest, keyword or topic, when it’s automated, pays little attention to the quality of website and content environment being delivered. Adnetworks and exchanges  optimise primarily against their own profit criteria and as the Comscore data pictured shows deliver less view-ability. But where they really under-perform is in delivering premium publisher’s itinerary, finding easier, lower quality placements in loosely relevant video sharing and gaming sites.

Recent research from Carat suggesting that 55% of the population visit no more than 3 or 4 trusted websites underpins the growing importance of publishers brands and content. These trusted websites are dominated by long established media names: ITV; Daily Mail; Guardian; Telegraph and increasingly local news  titles which are begining to get thier online content together.

With care, premium sites can be delivered at up to 90% discount on their packaged display rates.

Relevant provides marketing strategy and consultancy which enables companies and organisations to cut back on advertising, marketing, and digital agency costs and achieve the most efficient use of media. The end result is enhanced inhouse marketing team capabilities and reduced waste whether that’s staff time or money.

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Trusted websites deliver higher quality click through

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