Time to slim down on specialists?

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Dr Suess’s tale of the bee watcher who needed watching by multiple bee watcher watcherers while the lone bee industriously went about it’s business is a perfect allegory for the current state of marketing.

The tech revolution has spawned a situation where marketing departments have mushroomed, agencies have splintered and production budgets escalated way above the levels of the late ’90s. Many of the management roles are duplicated client to agency purely because of the complexities of multiple agencies playing pull me push me on the one client account. Account handlers, creative, planners and media buyers from these agencies, or ‘specialists’, demand management at client side swelling the numbers there and making strategic, tactical and financial control unwieldy. And financially, a combination of agencies reproducing each others work across their ‘specialism’…….

Mad. Disconnected marketing functions managing disconnected agencies gobbling up budget which would be better directed at the target market.

It’s a situation borne out of a necessity that was current ten years ago when clients and agencies were faced with an under supply of tech knowledge and ability. Now there’s over supply and tech, new media or what ever you want to call it is just another part of what we all do. Some of the biggest advertisers in the world, P&G and Unilever, have recently realised this. Both of these massive companies are currently consolidating their agency rosters and refocusing on marketing services suppliers with a holistic ability across tech and legacy formats. As a consequence, they expect to slim down internal departments and cut production costs by a minimum of 30%.

Relevant provides marketing strategy and consultancy which enables companies and organisations to cut back on advertising, marketing, and digital agency costs and achieve the most efficient use of media. The end result is enhanced inhouse marketing team capabilities and reduced waste whether that’s staff time or money.

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Time to slim down on specialists?

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