A gentle strategic nudge

marketing strategy, strategic planning, market research
A marketing strategy is only relevant with a clear understanding of the issues

You’re reading this because there’s something not quite right about your marketing strategy. Maybe your not sure just who your customers or audience are, how they feel about you, your product or service and how that sits in context to the competition. There’s a good chance if you’re using a marketing agency they don’t know either and if you’ve a marketing team they’ve got stuck in a rut. If that’s the case, all you may need is a quick detailed reappraisal: customer/audience perceptions and targeting (channel, proposition and media); resource allocation and capability (in-house and external); review market research and identify gaps in knowledge.

All it might take is half a day, or so, of our working together to tweak and tune your market positioning and strategic execution.

marketing propostion development, consumer market research, customer segmentation
Deconstructing complex corporate strategy and rebuilding with consumer relevant clarity

Or a ground up reinvention

Successful brands are built on the truth. The truth of the market place, the consumers’ needs and your ability to compete efficiently. Everything you do, the competition do and the consumer does, and thinks, can be quantified. And that’s probably the best definition of marketing truth there can be – quantification: great brands know where they are in the market, how big the market is, the consumers relationship with their category/sector and ultimately how best to create both rational and emotional brand leverage to hack the competition. If you don’t know then we can fix it. Together we’ll deconstruct your marketing and brand and rebuild it in the image of the needs of your customers – along the way we’ll probably find new customers and opportunities too.

Together we’ll build a creative strategy that gives you a quantifiable competitive advantage which we can track and build on.

Agile outsourced, or, an embedded strategic resource

There’s no fixed, prescriptive package that Relevant works to. We’ll talk things through together and in our first hour work out how we’re going to get things on track and what fees will be involved. Wherever possible we’ll make the best possible use of internal resource, coaching and extending marketing capabilities. We’ll also make good use of freely available market research and look at the most efficient and reliable ways of creating our own specific market and customer insight. There’s also a good chance that we’ll reduce any dependancy you have on external marketing services.

Above all we’ll take the most efficient route to the most effective marketing strategy – and that’s got to be relevant.