SLAVE TO THE algoRYTHM: 89% of advertising spend is wasted

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In’t the digital marketing age great! Pop in a few keywords. Swamp social with your latest ‘news’. Stuff  your website full of ‘rich’ content. Share as much of other people’s wise rambling’s as you can in the hope they’ll remember you – not the author. And guide it all with tons of data: who you advertise to; what you say to them and where you say it – big data, especially when it’s automated – if you’re tech gullible – or a bit of a sheep – can do it all.

So, forgive the cyncism, but why has the failure rate of advertising (all forms and media including, social, email and the wonderfully misleadingly named inbound marketing) risen from 75% to 89% since the turn of the century?

Could it be that an already swamped consumer, or business person has started to drown in the commercial communicational overkill? Perhaps it’s the increasing application of data to the creative process, leading to bland rationally led communicaion. Or, maybe it’s the incongruous placement of ads and content in media environments that are plainly wrong for the product or service on , oh, just so many levels – admit it, we might not remember the ad, but can all recall seeing ads in laughably wrong places (including traditional media).

The increase in advertising failure rates is a combination of all of the above. But, at the heart of the problem lies an over reliance on data and the naive assumption that it’s a totally new product of the digital revolution. Well, it’s not. The data profiling and tracking that lies at all of our finger tips has been available to advertising planners for the last sixty years. Only difference is it’s so much quicker and easier to access now. Which makes it too easy to use as a crutch for poor planning of creative and media by skipping the next stage of planning which is fundemental to successful advertising – an examination of the psychology of the consumer and the product or service’s emotional trigger points. And to do that you’ve got to get off your backside, engage your brain (rather than Google’s), venture out into the real world and talk to people: it works much more reliably than those top ten guaranteed ways to improve your marketing that you see every day on Linkedin!

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SLAVE TO THE algoRYTHM: 89% of advertising spend is wasted

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