OCD marketing’s deminishing returns

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Tech is swamping marketing with new opportunities and burying companies in an angst ridden miasma of data, metrics, algorithms and a whole new wonderful dictionary full of west coast collegiate jargon. Which your advertising agency, marketing company and ,yes, internal marketing team have whole heartedly embraced in the persute of self-justification.

Sitting, walking and, heaven forbid, driving at the other end of this is the old fashioned human consumer. Madly filtering out the dross that’s hitting them minute by minute every waking hour and collecting over night on their multiple devices to make mornings a particularly harsh culling time of companies and organisations that, bless them, only want to be liked, or shared, or visited, or joined, sometimes if they’re brave – actually bought from……

While busily at the other end there’s clever bits of software gathering all this filtering, opening, clicking, bouncing and deleting in real time and feeding it to old fashioned human beings who, well, filter it. And use it, what’s left of it, and obsess over it. To the point where these snippets of information have collectively begun to provide a raison d’etre for swelling marketing departments and agencies with yet more people to look after information which sadly only tells part of the answer. But sit in a planning meeting and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all that counted.

And those deminishing returns? Well, last year the number of people in marketing grew by 11% in London. There’s more people using more media, analysing the backside off their data, adding to the consumer’s communicational overload with pieces of communication that are becoming, logos and graphics apart, weirdly generic. And that’s hardly surprising, because all that data that’s steering strategy, creative output and media selection (I use the term selection loosely because the inclusion of certain forms of digital is a bit like hipsters and beards, you got to have one, or do you…) is totally rational. Whilst the people at the other end, the consumer, isn’t.

Hand on heart: when was the last time you liked (and I don’t mean clicking a button) a company or organisation because of what it’s just said to you? Chances are, if you can remember one, it was carried by a medium (whether it was digital or not) you respect, enjoy or find useful and triggered a cognitive response. So – here’s the froggy in the wood pile – your response wasn’t necessarily a digital reaction, it was a change in attitude, or perception, or feeling which might lead to a digital response sometime in the future, but tellingly and not conveniently immediately for the OCD marketing department/agency.

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OCD marketing’s deminishing returns

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