Is digital marketing tech becoming a crutch for talentless marketeers and agencies?

Earlier today I read a post on LinkedIn, a cry for help from a company which had sacked its digital marketing agency for under-performance in PPC and taken the work on themselves. They’d dramatically improved click through and driven cost per click down, but were getting no or very limited results in terms of sales.

As you’d expect they got tons of response to the post. At least half suggested they buy into more tech to analyse the backside off what should be a simple journey given that paid search is really no more than an active form of the simplest kind of advertising – classified! The rest seemed to think there was an issue with keywords. A few had the sense to wonder about the landing page and the ad content, but placed these thoughts secondary to, you’ve guessed it – tech and keywords.

Not one questioned whether PPC was the correct medium: this might be news, but its not a panacea. None wanted to know more about the product, its competition, position in the market or the decision making process. Let alone ask who the target market might be. Seems with tech/digital you don’t need to know these fundementals of marketing. Nor apparently do you need to know much about the pyschology of the communicational goal you’re trying to achieve, nor where the product or service sits in the rational emotional spectrum. No, just apply more data, subscribe to some more saas and let Google et al gobble more money.

Hopefully the company with the PPC problem have had the sense to look at the bigger picture and use that to re-engineer their digital marketing.

And so to that intentionally provocative headline. To look at the big picture they’re going to need skill and talent – the tools are easy to come by and implement. It could be they’ve got what they need lying dormant internally and it just needs waking up and directing. Or they need an agency partner that challenges them, questions and reveals creative, efficient new routes to sale. Either way that would be a relevant strategy!

If this strikes a cord drop a line.

Is digital marketing tech becoming a crutch for talentless marketeers and agencies?

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